Making Time for Art

One questions I'm always asked is how I make time to make art all the time. I have three busy kiddos, I am a full-time art teacher at a local high school. I am an adjunct art teacher for an online school, and I live on a farm with animals that require lots of care.… Continue reading Making Time for Art

Artwork, The Workshop

The Workshop | The Art of Whimsical Collage Faces

I'm always and forever going back to faces--I love the human face, the faces of animals, the faces of completely ambiguous characters. Faces tell a story devoid of words. Nothing is more fun than grabbing some on-hand supplies and making messy collage art that yields beautiful, dimensional results. Everyone's creating process is different, organic and… Continue reading The Workshop | The Art of Whimsical Collage Faces


Studio Diaries : Gallery Show Prep

Nothing justifies one's work as an artist like being contacted by a gallery to showcase your work. Back in November I was contacted by our local gallery in Ellsworth, Kansas to bring in my work. Two years ago I had a show there with work I was incredibly proud of; however, I'm currently holding onto… Continue reading Studio Diaries : Gallery Show Prep