Questions I’ve Been Asking Myself Lately

I believe the personality and emotion of an artist is like the sea. There are high tides, low tides, and an ebb and flow of things. Waves are made by some sort of resistance or changes in the water. Creativity is the exact same way. There are creative times, and times of drawing blanks, or… Continue reading Questions I’ve Been Asking Myself Lately


Easy 4th of July Fireworks Art

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year. It's a lazy holiday and requires very little prep work, unlike Christmas or Halloween. When the fourth rolls around, I always try to make the day fun for my girls. To celebrate the holiday, we usually paint fingernails and toenails and do some… Continue reading Easy 4th of July Fireworks Art


Drawing Andean Flamingos

Recently on Planet Earth, I watched the episode where the Andean Flamingos did their mating ritual--prancing back and forth through the water, heads held high. It was peculiar and amazing! It also inspired my most recent Procreate drawing: a whimsical, colorful sketch of three mid-dance flamingos! https://youtu.be/LDv5K7COF1o Check out my Youtube channel for more time-lapse… Continue reading Drawing Andean Flamingos