Making Time for Art

One questions I’m always asked is how I make time to make art all the time. I have three busy kiddos, I am a full-time art teacher at a local high school. I am an adjunct art teacher for an online school, and I live on a farm with animals that require lots of care.

How DO I make time for art?

First and foremost, I make it a priority. I make art with my students. When I intro a project, I fully plan on creating right along with them so we can immerse ourselves in the projects together. (Sure, this means I have about ten-thousand half-finished art projects scattered around my classroom, but it is what it is!)

My Jewelry class and I learned how to ladder and brick stitch. This is my sample earring.

I take my sketchbook with me everywhere. If I’m sitting somewhere with nothing to do (at my daughter’s violin lesson, in a waiting room, during my plan period, etc) you will always find my sketchbook in my hands.

I never let myself go to bed without having created something that day. For this reason, when I put my children to bed at night, while my husband and I sit on our bed, my art supplies are on my nightstand. I find creating right before bed to be a wonderful way to decompress. On the weekends, when my children are napping, I’m painting or drawing or making SOMETHING.

Another way I make time for art and creating is to allow my children to join in! One of our favorite activities is to sit around the table with our watercolors and create some magic together.

My daughters and I created these zebras together!

I truly believe that the most transformative thing I have done for my art process is to commit to sketchbook work instead of large-scale works. By working in a sketchbook, you’re telling yourself it’s okay to experiment. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s also okay to make totally weird art that looks nothing like what you “normally” make.

When you eliminate the idea that someone is going to be judging or buying your art, you allow yourself some freedom. When you have freedom, it becomes easier to just sit down and whip out a quick sketch or splash some watercolors down on a page.

This next week, I encourage you to allow yourself that creative freedom. Do something weird! Do something just for you–without sharing it on Social Media or with a friend or family member. Be vulnerable with your art and take some chances. Make time for yourself, and make some time to allow your creativity to flourish.


2 thoughts on “Making Time for Art”

  1. I admire your determination to get art done each day! And I envy you the fact that you teach art! I taught English in a local high school for my entire career and would have liked to teach art. But there was a shortage of English teachers in French high schools so I never made that transition. Eventually, I became chair (we say department head here) of English.

    I wish I could motivate myself to draw every day. I try but I think I need a break from it every now and then.

    I am enjoying your posts. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I LOVE teaching art! It truly is the best job ever. I am always remarking about how I can’t imagine myself doing anything else every day. As far as the arting every day, I think it’s wise to take a break every now and then. Everyone’s creative process is so unique to them that it only makes sense for some to need to create every day and for others to desire a creative brain break! 🙂


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