31 Days of Faces, Artwork

31 Days of Faces: Prompts for March

It’s no secret that I love drawing faces. Not just human faces, either. I could spend hours upon hours every single day looking on Instagram at other artists’ potraits. Small, large, simple or complex…they all intrigue me.

I am excited to offer up a challenge for you and I to enjoy together– 31 Days of Faces!

Enjoy this list. Use it however you want. Stick to the day’s “theme,” or allow that theme to inspire you in other ways. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to use a prompt list which is why I simply adore them!

Quirky portraits I’ve drawn recently:

An Art Nouveau-style side portrait I drew with an etherial goddess on the left side.

You can follow along with my faces on Instagram at @averykasperart. If you use the hashtags #creativemixemediadiscovery and #31daysoffaces I’ll follow along with your journey, too!

One of my favorite recent portraits. This gem is the title page of my newest sketchbook!

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