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The Workshop | The Art of Whimsical Collage Faces

I’m always and forever going back to faces–I love the human face, the faces of animals, the faces of completely ambiguous characters. Faces tell a story devoid of words.

Nothing is more fun than grabbing some on-hand supplies and making messy collage art that yields beautiful, dimensional results.

Everyone’s creating process is different, organic and unique to them; however, I’ve found success in the way I layer papers, ink, paints and drawing mediums atop a simple piece of paper to cultivate these faces.

I am so excited to share this workshop with you! My heart is in teaching and spreading art love! If you enjoy this tutorial, let me know–drop me a comment or hit me up on Instagram @averykasperart. Most importantly, share this post so others can enjoy creating!


  • India Inks (white, black, brown, red, turquoise)
  • Alcohol Inks  
  • White and Black Pen 
  • Assorted papers (patterned and plain–scrapbook papers are great!) 
  • Scissors Glue 
  • Pencil
  • Tips for success: Just have fun! Don’t overthink the structure of the facial features. Allow yourself to make mistakes and embrace them!

Follow this link for the video tutorial:


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