Sketchbook Basics: What I Use To Create Daily

I’m always expressing how important it is to create every single day. I’ve always had some sort of sketchbook that I’d draw in fairly regularly, but over the past few months, I have made daily drawing, painting, sketching and “coloring” part of my every day’s must-do list.

I found supplies that work for me–I take my sketchbook everywhere and make it a priority to draw whenever I have a chance–and I’m not looking back!

My favorite part of keeping the sketchbook that I do is that I keep it fairly private. I don’t share many pictures on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media outlet. My sketchbook is a place where I can experiment, doodle, scribble and make notes about everything. It’s nice, as an artist, to have a place where you don’t have to worry about people judging your work.

I have had some students and friends check out my sketchbook which I’m completely okay with–it really seems to inspire the students, and my friends, well, they know I’m a weirdo with a very eclectic taste in art making.

I am really having a moment with watercolor right now, so I currently plan to take out the gelatos and make room for both of my Koi travel palettes. I LOVE my Gelatos (if you’ve never used them, they’re like an oil pastel, but you can water them down and make them work like watercolors which is pretty fantastic); however, the watercolors don’t transfer to the other page like the gelatos have a tendency to do.

On average, without actually timing myself, I probably spend about an hour a day working in my sketchbook. I really love settling in on my bed every night with a cup of hot tea, my sketchbook, and all of my supplies. It’s a great time to wind down, but simultaneously recharge creatively.

Nothing tops the feeling of holding a chunky, art-filled sketchbook–especially one that is full of grand ideas, creative experiments and thoughts for artistic growth. Endless possibilities, a safe-haven for failed creative attempts and a documentation of an artist’s life.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding anything you’ve seen in this post. I’m happy to provide as much feedback and assistance as I can!


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