Studio Diaries : Gallery Show Prep

Nothing justifies one’s work as an artist like being contacted by a gallery to showcase your work. Back in November I was contacted by our local gallery in Ellsworth, Kansas to bring in my work. Two years ago I had a show there with work I was incredibly proud of; however, I’m currently holding onto a collection I have never been more attached to. I am completely smitten with my current collection of works. 


A lot of work goes into preparing for a show. In addition to culling your work and deciding the overall theme of your show, you have to mount, label, price, and index your work.  

My heart is always and will always be wrapped up in the faces of animals on the prairie, so that’s what I’m calling this show, “Faces from the Prairie.” 
Whether it’s the face of a curious fox, a cud-chewing cow, or the face of a sunflower greeting the morning, everything on the prairie has a personality which I feel I’ve accurately captured through my bold use of color and larger-than-life brush strokes. 

img_3155img_3153I have been hanging the works in my studio as I complete them so I can see how they jive together visually. It’s wonderful and really livens up my creative space.  

My goal lately has been to put the finishing touches on at least one piece a day. This includes adding hanging hardware, finishing edges, adding varnish, touching up colors, and so-on and so-forth. 

This is my all-time favorite piece. I love this large cow more than life itself!

I still have an abundance of things to do before I am prepared to haul my work and set up the show, but I am feeling more creative and energized than ever!

If you are looking for something to do between January 1st and February 15th, plan on swinging by the Ellsworth Area Arts Council Gallery in downtown Ellsworth, Kansas to check out my work.


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