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Index-Card-A-Day {2018}

Last week I posted about how I make time for creating every day. I love using index cards as a substrate for creating small works.
This year, I was oscillating between the idea of using a pre-created prompt list, or developing my own approach to my Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) creations.

My favorite show to watch on Netflix is Planet Earth, or anything animal-documentary-esque. So one night, while lying in bed, it came to me. I would use the amazing, strange animals I saw on the Planet Earth series as my ICAD list!

I have started compiling my list in a special ICAD section of my Filofax:

I have also decided to limit myself a bit this year to just pencil/pens and watercolors. I believe by eliminating the idea that I can use all my art supplies, it will take away some of the overwhelming feeling I had in the past that came from spending an hour a day layering paint, found objects, etc. onto a card.

Today’s work was a Fennec Fox. 

As seen in the above picture, my girls are also at the table working on art! It’s great bonding time for us!

Since we are on the 4th day of June, I have created four cards thus far:


This year, I am using small 3″ x 5″ notecards. In previous years, I have used the 4″ x 6″ cards. I actually really love the small cards–they’re so cute, and will be a perfect way to display all my animals!


In addition to the actual creature, I’m including the name and where they can be found on Earth.

I’m feeling very motivated with my concept for ICAD this year. Naturally, I’m sure my cards will evolve in some way: whether that means I purchase and use a new supply, or I modify the information/style of how I’m composing my cards. That’s the best part of ICAD–witnessing and experiencing the progress from start to finish!




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